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No More Property Expert

It looks like we will no longer see terms like “Property Expert” and “Property Specialist” being used come 1st August 2011.

Yesterday, the Council for Estate Agencies (CEA) issued two Practice Guidelines to promote ethical advertising in the real estate agency industry.

Other than disallowing misleading headlines and claims, real estate agents will also need to display accurate advertising contents and adhere to responsible advertising (like including a mobile number for consumers to opt-out of future SMS advertisements).

While the guidelines are positive, they should have gone further and allowed for consumers to unsubscribe to SMS advertisements at a company level. Currently, a company will distribute your contact details to all their agents and it is very tedious for us to unsubscribe to every SMS that comes our way.

One further thought that comes to my mind is that shouldn’t all those advertisements that have people proclaiming themselves to be “stock market expert” or “forex trading expert” and with unsubstantiated claims be disallowed as well?

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