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Only One U-Save Voucher Per Household

Yesterday, I received my Singapore Power utilities bills.

For this month’s bill, there was a small deduction due to the U-Save GST voucher, which was a voucher meant to help offset some of the effects of GST.

Prior to receiving this “rebate”, every individual family member in my household (along with all the other eligiible households in Singapore) had received a letter saying that they would be receiving this U-Save GST voucher.

This has led to some confusion among Singaporeans as some people thought that each individual member of the household would be entitled to this U-Save voucher. After all, if the purpose of the voucher was to offset GST, doesn’t it make sense that if there was X number of people in the household, the rebate should be X times?

MOF has since clarified that each household would only be entitled to one voucher.

I hope this duplication of letters can be avoided in the future. After all, the postage costs could easily have gone to a (slightly) higher rebate amount.

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