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RIP Dr Michael Leong and Some of His Lessons

Most investors in Singapore would probably have heard of the portal, one of the first few websites on share investing in Singapore. was founded by Dr Michael Leong in 1999. This turned out to be one of his best investments as the site was subsequently sold to SPH in 2008 for $12 million.

I had attended one of his talks back in 2008 and even wrote a review.

Yesterday, Dr Michael Leong passed away at age 54 after a year long fight with cancer. This was quite sudden as he was recovering very well as recent as Dec 2015. RIP.

Dr Micheal Leong on his diagnosis and battle with cancer.

In his passing, Dr Leong leaves us with the knowledge that he has shared unselfishly on the shareinvestor and pertama forums (nickname oldman).

Dr Michael Leong on what to do when you have enough money (written before his diagnosis)

When you have enough money, you can either take one of 2 routes. The first is to continue what have made you successful as this frankly, is the easiest option to take. This is your forte and this is what makes you feel good. If you are good at making money, you will surely want to continue doing this as this will give you the feeling of accomplishment and achievement.

The second option is to recognise that you have only one life and you do not know when this will be taken from you. When you are aware of this, you will be more aware of the fragility of life and want to do the things that you have always wanted to do in life.

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David says 5 years ago

I feel Dr. Michael Leong did not walk what he talked . He died 1 year after catching his terminal illness. I read his blog especially those complaints ( few months before he died) pertaining to the slow recovery of his medical expenses from his insurance company. He emphasized very much on his insurance company’s policy. ” pay first , recover later” . Yes, that policy is lousy undoubtedly . But he should accept what it is. After he got so rich by having 12 millions for selling his business out to SPH. I doubly whether it was the added stress that killed him.! Indeed many would talk and regretfully say they should have done this and that before they meet their terminal illness , but many change to their old-selves after they have recovered their health either temporarily or permanently.

    Martin Lee says 5 years ago

    Dear David,

    I’m not too sure whether he was complaining because of how it affected him or his frustration with the overall system in Singapore. The fact is that all the private integrated shield plans in Singapore operate on the same model (ie pay first and claim later), so anyone else having such policies would have been affected in the same way.

David says 5 years ago

Unfortunately not many will opt for the second option realizing that one will only live once. Many will come to regretting only after contacting the terminal illness, such as the great Steve Job.Most will choose the first option chasing more wealth, one of the reasons just in case one got to face the unexpected misfotune . Irony , isn’t it? For Singaporeans it is so pathetic, abiet they call themselves financially better, that many are not afraid to die than admitted to hospital. A sad paradox.

    Martin Lee says 5 years ago

    Hi David,

    I think there is also a group that are working purely to meet their daily needs. Wealth accumulation to them would be just a dream.

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