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Shoebox Shops Nonsense

After government intervention had put a stop to shoebox apartments and factories, developers have been quick to turn their attention to shoebox retail shops.

Building a shopping mall made up of entirely shoebox shops is clearly a ploy by developers to squeeze for maximum profits as they will be able to sell the units at a higher psf.

Other than having enough space for a pushcart, what else do you want to do with a retail shop that is smaller than the size of a car parking lot?

MND has correctly identified that individual investors who buy into these units might very well be stuck with the units, and have done well to stop this nonsense by implementing an minimum average retail size of 50 sqm in shopping centers.

However, I don’t completely agree with the reason they gave of inadequate parking and traffic congestion. These are things that are caused by huge crowds to a shopping mall, and not so much determined by the number of shop units in each mall.

Traffic congestion could very well be the least of a concern if a mall is deserted due to a very bad tenant mix. 🙂

Shopping in Comfort (Khaw Boon Wan’s MND blog)

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