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Singapore Property Prices Up for Q4 2012

I had an interesting conversation with my friend X yesterday.

X : Any good news in Singapore? Everything sounds so pessimistic…

Me : Well, your asset value increased.

After which, I shared the following links with X.

HDB resale prices up 2.5 per cent in Q4 2012

S’pore private home prices up 1.8% in Q4

It seems that the only thing that can be predicted with any accuracy nowadays is that our property prices continue to go up. And the media trying their best to tell us that the government cooling measures are effective.

X : Sigh…

Me : Your town council saved money for you.

X : Yah right. Got real good news or not?

Me : Stock market has been going up

X : Any more?

Me : Singapore soccer won the Suzuki cup

X : Silence

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