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Steven Molnar on Real Estate Mastery

Steven Molnar is a trainer and real estate investor from Australia. His presentation was much shorter compared to the one by Clemen Chiang.

He first talked about some of the current global trends like escalating oil and food prices and credit crisis.

Then he mentioned the three ways to make money from real estate.

  1. Rental strategy
  2. Trading strategy
  3. Can’t remember the third one but I think it’s capital growth.

Due to the short time, the “how to do it” part was not covered.

Well, these would be taught in his Real Estate Mastery Program.

I’m not too sure what’s happening but in the end he slashed the price of his course from $1000 to $0 for all the NAC participants. Poor response perhaps? In any case, I’m pretty sure he has something else to sell us during the course to make the $0 option viable.

If I get to attend, I will report back here whether it was worthwhile.

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