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Hong Kong Investors Sue Lehman Over Minibonds

Hong Kong investors have proceeded with their class action suit to recover their investments from the failed Lehman Minibond product. The lawsuit was filed against Lehman Brothers, the creator of the product and HSBC, the trustee of the product. HSBC also provided the directors for the Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) set up to issue the […]

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Minibond Investors Action Group Meeting

There will be a meeting held by the Minibond Investors Action Group to facilitate questions on the legal action. It will be held on 21st March 2009 at 3 pm. Details are at and MIAG committee members and Mr. Conrad Campos will be there to answer all your questions.

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Minibond Investors Action Group – Legal Action

The Minibond Investors Action Group (MIAG) are looking for Minibond investors to take part in a class action suit for the failure of the Minibond product. Lawyer Conrad Campos of Conrad Campos & Company, who is also a CFA, has been chosen to be the lead lawyer in this action. More details can be found here: […]

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SIAS to Offer Advice to Structured Product Investors

As the resolution process comes to a close for many investors of Lehman-linked products, SIAS said that they were opening their doors to offer advice on their next course of action. Sias president David Gerald mentioned SIAS will be organising group sessions and making available their legal advisors to answer questions from investors. Even though […]

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HK Brokerage Offers Full Refund to Minibond Investors

In a breakthrough in Hong Kong, brokerage firm Sun Hung Kai Investments has offered to buy back 100% of the Minibond that they sold. This could open the floodgates for other financial institutions to follow suit. More on this at the following links: HK brokerage offers full refund (Straits Times) Sun Hung Kai to buy back HK$85 million […]

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