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UAG Wine Claim – How to File

Posting up this information for the investors of Universal Asset Group (UAG) wine.

Dear all,

wine-bottlePlease be informed that a receiver has been appointed to look into the affairs of UAG. You may wish to log on to list yourself as one of the creditors against Universal Assets Group Pte Ltd. The winding up number is 123 of 2009.

Please assist to inform the rest if you are in a group. Thanks.



Maritime & Investment Fraud Branch
Commercial Affairs Department

And thanks to an investor who posted up the exact steps as below:

Login to
Under Corporate Insolvency, select Proof of Debt for Company Liquidation
(Form 77)
Select Yes
Enter winding up no 123/2009

It asks for your details and $5 payment.

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w says 4 years ago

i have been contacted by Zeus Trading in 2019 to do a contra for my wine, same thing, 12 Deg previously told me they do not have my wine with them. What’s the catch?

    Sanjay says 3 years ago

    Can you email me would like to discuss further ; was approached by them also.

lioninvestor says 13 years ago

More information at the website:

Note that last day of filing is 15th January 2010.

BC says 14 years ago


i have been contacted by Vino En Primeur who claims to be keen to buy my portfolio of wine, although i told them that 12 Deg do not have my wine with them.
what’s the catch?
and is the appointed receiver Vino En Primeur?


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