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$24 Million Dollar Medical Bill

We all know about escalating health costs in Singapore but this case probably beats them all.

Surgeon’s $24.8m bill landed her in the soup

Surgeon inflated bills

From the newspapers, it was reported that the doctor charged $100,000 to $200,000/day for her services.

Point for discussion : Do you think medical charges (for the same service rendered) should be different just because someone is richer or poorer?

Ever since MOH implemented means testing for hospitalisation bills, there have been differing views on this topic.

I think fees should be standard with the poor getting more discounts/subsidies. It is the government’s job to have policies in place to ensure that no one is denied access to health care just because he or she cannot afford it. And public hospitals should operate on a model of cost recovery or even loss making, as their primary aim is to provide medical services and not to make a profit.

What do you think?

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Wilfred Ling says 9 years ago

Get this funding from those who charge $24m for the medical bill!

Jasmin says 9 years ago

Hi Lioninvestor,
Your suggestion is an ideal scenario where the poor gets discount or subsidies from the government or somewhere. Now the big question is where does the government get this funding?

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