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A Failed Attempt at Shield Plan Twisting

I am not too sure whether MOH’s message about the unprofessional sales and marketing of Medisave Approved Insurance Plans has actually got through to the intended audiences.

Just yesterday, I received a unsolicited phone call from company X.

Part of the script went something like this:

“Would you like to arrange an appointment with my consultant X who can help you do a cashless upgrade of your medical insurance coverage?”

No needs based approach. No checking whether I was already covered.

No mention about the dangers of switching shield plans and the loss of coverage for pre-existing conditions if I were to switch providers. And about how my old plan would be automatically cancelled if I were to get a new plan.

The caller was just interested in twisting my shield plan. No luck this time but I’m sure out of 100 phone calls, there would be a few who did so. If there were no results, the caller would have stopped what she was doing.

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