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Case Study of an Unplanned Hospitalisation Financial Disaster Part 2

I wanted to give a short update on the previous real life story I shared about an unplanned hospitalisation financial disaster.

man-in-comaThe initial hospital bill size of $12,000 a day has since come down to about $1000+ a day as the condition has stabilized after the first few days whereby more treatment was required (kidney dialysis, life support, etc).

The bill for about three weeks of hospital stay currently stands at about $80,000+. Unfortunately, the patient is still in a coma and so the bill will continue to increase.

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Jasmin says 13 years ago

Medical bills are up to the hospital to quote. There seems no control on the amount involved. Even with an itemised bill, how much do we understand what we have paid for. Again another classic case of “can die but can’t fall sick in spore”.

Roger says 13 years ago

The issue is not about medical directive or joint bank account. The issue is why a three weeks stay cost several years of an ordinary person’s pay. So are the hospitals overcharging or the average wage earner in Singapore shortchanged? I guess it is both.

    Garrett says 13 years ago

    The guy was admitted to a private *for-profit* hospital. I do not know if they have to be reasonable with their fees, since they are not public/govt hospitals. And this is certainly not the first time we have read about cases of six-figure private hospital bills. Such cases always pop up in the news every year.

    As for the lasting power of attorney aka Mental Capacity Act, I think it was only established this year. I bet most Singaporeans don’t even know it exists.

      lioninvestor says 13 years ago

      Don’t mention Mental Capacity Act, most people don’t even have a Will made.

DanielP says 13 years ago

Sorry to sound insensitive, but I dont think a husband who does not trust his wife enough to have a single joint account with her, is going to sign away his life to her with a medical directive.

    James Tan says 13 years ago

    A single joint account should be set up when couple is young, but not so simple for elderly couple. A power of attorney is as good as a will, only it is executed when one is medically incapacitated, while the other is executed when one is medically dead. So, this is a better solution, as it is easy, straight forward and without any complications.

James Tan says 13 years ago

How about a valid standing comprehensive power of attorney executed early for one’s loved one to act in all financial matters, when one is incapacitated or in coma?


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