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Enhancement to Aviva Myshield and Myshield Plus

Aviva recently announced some enhancements to their MyShield and MyShield Plus plan.


aviva myshieldOn top of the existing comprehensive coverage, MyShield now also covers the following:

a) inpatient pregnancy complications
b) inpatient congenital anomalies
c) living donor organ transplant performed in Singapore

The following MyShield benefits have also been improved to offer better coverage:

a) Approved immunosuppressant drugs due to Major Organ Transplant – coverage is now as-charged
b) In-Hospital Psychiatric Treatment coverage is now as-charged
c) Maximum cap of S$25,500 per policy year on the co-insurance borne by insured

Better definition for pre-existing features

This is a significant improvement and will be discussed separately in another post.

MyShield Plus

MyShield Plus Option A (covers co-insurance). The existing MyShield Plus benefits will apply, along with the following new benefits:

a) One-way ambulance fees or transport by taxi to a hospital within Singapore
b) Accommodation charges incurred by one parent/guardian sharing the hospital room of an insured child
c) Charges incurred for post-hospital follow-up Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) treatment

There is a slight increase of 2% to the premiums for Myshield Plus Option A.

Aviva has also introduced a MyShield Plus Option B which helps to covers the deductible portion of the bill.

By opting for both option A and B of Myshield Plus , it is possible to cover 100% of your hospital bill.


Aviva is currently giving away a digital thermometer to every new insured person. The insured person needs to take up the MyShield plan together with MyShield Plus Option A (covers co-insurance) and/or Option B (covers deductible) to qualify for this promotion.

Benefits for Existing Customers

Existing MyShield customers will be phrased in the enjoy the new benefits. They are also able to apply for the Myshield Plus Option B at anytime.

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Philip says 13 years ago

I am considering Aviva or GE. Comparing premium from 51 to 75 years with all the riders, GE is cheaper but it seems Aviva has more coverage, i.e has more as charged, cover 5 major illness with 150K limit, outpatient treatment for cancer, kidney etc is limited to 10% coverage but Aviva coverage is as charged etc.

So who should I go for?

Andy says 13 years ago

option A covers your Co-Insurance

option B covers your Deductible.

James Tan says 13 years ago

Hi Lion…

Not sure whether the new thing covers an aspect I find no good… Understand that AVIVA does not cover pre-existing conditions, both KNOWN and UNKNOWN… This is really ridiculous. If this is removed, then it is worthwhile to consider.

    lioninvestor says 13 years ago

    Hi James,

    The pre-existing definition has always been there. The new definition is actually better for policy holders.

      James Tan says 13 years ago

      Hi Lion,

      Yes, I know… All policies have pre-existing condition clauses. But AVIVA is (or maybe was) the only one that excludes even unkown conditions… Which means, if you truly are not aware of a condition that was never detected, and subsequently some new technology found that you had this condition at birth, then you had it…

      Let’s hope this new revision is really “fairer”…

        lioninvestor says 13 years ago

        Hi James,

        True but when it comes to claims, this kind of statement might still be open to dispute.

        “for which an ordinary and prudent person with such Injury, Illness, condition or symptom would have sought advice or treatment in connection with his/her health;”

        Anyway, for unknown conditions at birth, they are considered congenital and would only be covered under the congenital benefit which has a 2 year waiting period.

        What this means is that if the condition is detected within 2 years of taking up the plan, it won’t be covered. This 2 year waiting period for congenital illness is quite common across the different insurers.

Vincent Teo says 13 years ago

I have some questions:

1) What is the difference in premium for option A and option B, as compared to the previous Myshield Plus?

2) What is the status for existing customer of Myshield Plus customer (like myself and family)? If I wish to have both option, will I be subjected to additional underwriting process? My case is a bit more complicated as my son has recently been admitted to hospital for bronchitis and had claimed under Aviva, although not a cent was paid as the bill is below the deduction amount.

Sorry to bother you with these trivial questions as I had tried to contact my current adviser (incidentally he is also with your company). However he just ignore my queries. How sad, once commission collected, he just chuck his customer aside!

    lioninvestor says 13 years ago

    Hi Vincent,

    The changes were only recently announced, so your adviser might take some time to get to you.

    Option A is essentially the old Myshield Plus, though they have increased the premiums by 2% with the new benefits.

    The premium rates for option B can be found in the brochure here:

    For existing customers, you can add on the Option B at anytime but it is subject to underwriting – either full underwriting or moratorium depending on what your current plan is under. Pre-existing conditions will generally be excluded unless it goes under moratorium, exceeds the 5 year waiting period and does not fall under the exclusion list for moratorium.

      lioninvestor says 13 years ago

      The brochure takes quite long to download. For reference, option B premiums are from $195-230 for plan 1 from age 1-60.

        Vincent Teo says 13 years ago

        Hi Lioninvestor

        Thanks for your kind reply.

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