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Living Organ Donor Transplant Benefit for NTUC Enhanced Incomeshield

NTUC Income will be making some changes to their Enhanced Incomeshield Plans commencing or renewing on 1st September 2010 and onwards.

1) Introduction of Living Organ Donor Transplant Benefit

This benefit covers the insured if he donates his organs to an immediate family member. Aviva added this benefit earlier and NTUC has now followed suit.

Plan EP : $60,000 per transplant
Plan EA : $40,000 per transplant
Plan EB : $20,000 per transplant

EP = enhanced preferred
EA = enhanced advantage
AB = enhanced basic

2) Increase in maximum confinement limits for community hospital

Plan EP : Increase from max of 45 days to 90 days
Plan EA : Increase from max of 45 days to 90 days
Plan EB : Increase from max of 45 days to 90 days

3) Increase in limit per policy year

Plan EP : Increase from $500,000 to $600,000
Plan EA : Increase from $250,000 to $400,000

There will be a general increase in premiums across the board for the advantage and preferred plans.

For more details of the changes, you can refer to the document here:

Revision to NTUC Enhanced Incomeshield

In addition, NTUC will be giving out wellness coupons to all Incomeshield holders (including the non-enhanced version). There will be vouchers for health screening and vendors like OSIM and Unity. Look out for those when you get your next renewal notice.

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